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Future Stream provides executive placement for financial institutions (mainly asset management firms), trading companies and companies in the fields of IT, consumer goods, and manufacturing.

We are an executive search firm specializing in human resources with superior expert capability to meet your needs for hiring top-level management, senior management, middle management, global human resources and junior management candidates.
We have 16 years of experience for executive placement including for financial institutions.

Due to the diversification of talent recruitment nowadays, the trend toward talent search conditions that include additional capabilities above and beyond superior expert capability in various fields has recently become very noticeable.

More than ever, when it comes to hire human resources, your company requires the capability to determine whether a person has exceptional abilities, and the extent of the contribution the company can expect from them.

The capability of your company's human resources department and the local hiring manager in sizing up abilities of a candidate, as well as the capabilities of the representative of the recruiting firm at the stage prior to candidate introduction, are also critical.

The most critical point for the recruiting company is to have multiple discussions with your company's hiring manager about the details of the search so that it can develop a clear profile of the required talent. This shortens the time taken for candidate selection and shortens the amount of time spent by your company.

After our company receives the search request, we will discuss the search with your company's hiring manager until we fully understand the details, and during these conversations we will develop an image of the candidate your company is seeking.

Unlike an agency with many employees, we are a small-scale agency. Each one of our consultants is a dedicated professional, and provides consistent services from the search request to candidate selection. This prevents placement mismatches, and allows for in-depth communication with your company's hiring managers.

With the competition that exists among the regions of the world and the competition among fields, hiring superior talent is even more important than ever.

Our guiding principle is to commit ourselves fully to support your company's important talent searches, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Please bear in mind that we will ask about details of your search. We endeavor to introduce the best possible candidates.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Future Stream USA, INC.
Takao Otsuka, President

To Companies expandingtheir business to overseas

When it comes to recruiting human resources for companies that are expanding their business into the US, South America, Asia or Europe, and to hiring talent for overseas sites, our company's guiding principle is to work together with the network of the local recruitment companies with extensive knowledge of local conditions in order to be able to introduce people with superior talents to your company.

The world situation is undergoing enormous changes, and the strategy for corporate survival in future is to advance forward into even more severe conditions.
The underlying strength of Japan's companies has surprised the world, and Japan has produced some of the world's top class corporations. In future the reserve army of such corporations will begin to participate actively around the world.

The superior technology and manufacturing excellence of Japan's small and medium enterprises have the potential for strong overseas competitiveness. There are currently many small and medium Japanese enterprises active throughout the world. In future, for companies making their way into the world as well as for corporations that are already active in world markets, one of the main concerns will be human resources.

Your company is planning to expand your business to overseas in future, so it is absolutely essential to hire talented human resources who have full understanding of the local market, such as managers capable of managing in overseas, and also marketing and business development personnel required for further expansion. If you rely only on your employees transferred from Japan, there will be a limit to wins in world markets, and there will be little hope for success.

In the current borderless business environment, for your company to win with superior products in world markets and for your business to go up against world markets and grow, human resources will be a major asset to your company. When you hire superior talent, those people will play a central role in taking your company to the next stage.

Our company endeavors to commit ourselves fully to providing complete satisfaction to companies that are planning to expand their business to overseas and those that are already expanding their business to overseas when it comes to personnel supplementation and placement of managerial talent.