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Company Overview

The company was founded in 2014 in the Southern California, U.S.A., with the purpose of expanding a new business in the human resources market in the country while collaborating with the Tokyo office.

We are a staff agency that excels at introducing specialized experts as candidates for top-level managers as well as for managers in the senior and middle class and younger generations.

If you are planning to hire top talent who can support your business growth in America, please contact us by all means. We can help you recruit managers, younger employees, and other personnel with higher expertise for your business expansion in America.

We also introduce personnel to American companies for their business expansion and growth in Japan. We can find personnel of your needs by collaborating with our partners in Japan.

In the dispatching business department, we introduce personnel with specialized skills or professional experience and knowledge for a period of your needs. You can ask for personnel for a short period of time or as a form of contract employment.

We strongly believe employment of talented individuals that best match the corporation is the key to smoothly implementing their growth strategies and to eventually accomplishing business growth.

Please tell us your recruitment policies and other important factors to consider. We are committed to make an effort to acquire human resources that best match your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Content of Business

  • Top Managers
  • Senior and Middle Class Managers
  • Young Managers
  • Young MBA Holders