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Future Stream is an executive search firm that specializes in human resources with great expertise, such as candidates for top-level managers, managers in the senior and middle classifications, and younger generations. Experienced consultants who know well about the market will propose the next stage of your career, making the best use of our wide global network.

How Our Service Works

Registration toour executive directory

We refer to the registered information and search for opportunities that would match your skills and experience.
The more detailed information you provide us about your experience and expectations, the more suitable opportunities we can offer to you.

* If you have your resume ready, please send it to us through email.
Please include your name, address, and contact information (e.g. mobile number, email address) in the resume.

Email : contact@futurestreamusa.net

Introduction ofjob opportunities

We will contact you as soon as an appropriate opportunity comes up and set up a meeting. Your consultant will explain the opportunity in detail.

Reference tothe client company

If you wish to apply for the opportunity, we will refer you to the client company as a candidate for the position.

Interview withthe client company

Your consultant will provide advice on the job interview, including the specific trends of the company.

Receipt ofthe job offer

Your consultant will represent you to conduct all negotiations with the client company to save your time. We will do our best to get the best offer that meets your expectation.

Join Our Executive Directory

Please register yourself in our executive directory as a candidate for executive opportunities.
We will refer to the information you provided and search for opportunities that would match your skills and experience.

Please send your resume or questions to